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Preparation for the sale


After we have been hired and the contract signed, we will begin the process of inventory and photography. We will try to attract as many customers to your sale as possible.

Prior to the sale, LTES will assess, price and stage inventory, and will work with our client to make arrangements for clearing out items that may hinder the efficient proceedings of the sale.

LTES will set the selling price of all items by way of “fair market value” and liquidation pricing, and by using the best information available from internet searches. All items shall be sold “AS IS”.


Conduct of sale

Clean up following sale

We will advertise your sale on our site, with our list of merchandise dealers, followers, and in print media. In addition, street and yard signs will be strategically positioned as permitted by local regulations.

The objective of the sale will be to maximize proceeds while selling as many items as possible.  During the course of the sale, we may negotiate prices with customers and accept bids as we consider appropriate.

Once the sale is completed we will return the house to you in a reasonable clean and organized condition.  We will also make every reasonable effort to help you find disposition for all remaining items.

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